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Default Re-partitioning drives on PC

I've got a 36 GB drive that was originally partitioned into three partitions. First one (C has the OS only, second partition (D has my applications, third partition has data files.

My C: and D: partitions are too small -- I need to install Creative Suite2, but got a warning that it would leave very little empty space on the D drive. C: drive has adequate space to run the OS, but not enough to install any apps on that drive.

I can easily move all the files from the third partition (which would give me nearly 20 GB of free space).

So my options would then be to either install Creative Suite 2 on the third partition, or to install Partition Magic (I have version 7 around here someplace -- never installed it on the new PC) and either:

1. combine the second and third partition to create one big partition

2. rob some space from the third partition to increase the size of the second partition

I kind of like option 2, because then my drive letters would not change.

It would also be nice to add some space to the C: drive, but not absolutely necessary. Since I never install apps on that drive, it's not going to fill up any more than it already is, and so far XP has not complained.

I don't think I've ever used PM to resize/repartition drives containing the OS or applications -- will it work? I assume I'd need to install PM on an entirely separate hard drive (not the one it would be resizing).

Also, how to I change a drive format from FAT32 to NTFS? It's a SCSI drive, so I suspect I might have to go into the Adaptec utility or something like that...


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