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Michael Rowley
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I can then display the field codes

I've never thought about hyperlinks being actually fields but suppose it makes sense. But from what you said initially, the only thing you want to remove is the special formatting in Word, and the obvious way (to me) is by redefining the character style 'Hyperlink', which is not only quick and easy to do but also can be redefined permanently for all subsequent documents using normal.dot as their template.

Why do people put up with software like this?

In 1986 Word was a DOS program (v. 3?); the version for Apple was only an afterthought, added for the the Mac (or whatever) that was still quite popular. I imagine that producing a Mac version of Word and most of Office is now the traditional punishment for Microsoft programmers that offend; it can't be popular, as the Mac is now the first choice of a very limited circle of people. You should be glad that Microsoft is not abandoning the Mac OS, as Adobe and others are doing!

It makes no attempt to conform to the standard Macintosh interface

That, to a fairly old (since 1987) Word for DOS and Windows user, is an inexplicable complaint, since the original interface of Word has always seemed more logical than the essentially 1960s style of the Mac interface. Word's interface is now over-burdened with lots of gimmicks, I admit, owing (in my opinion) to the bizarre wish to do everything that WordPerfect did or does. The first thing that every experienced user of Word does is to get rid of most of the icons etc. that come with the default layout. Fortunately, it's easy to do.

with some searching of the Help file

'Help' is horrid! That we can agree on. Bring back printed manuals! (DOS Word's were very good.)

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