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"Are you saying there is no 32bit PS CS6? "
I'm quoting Adobe on that.

I was asked to do some long-term work in CS6, which I don't own, and was delighted to see it can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial. I figured, great, I can see what it is all about, and if it looks like I can do the job, buy the trial and keep it.

Except, all the trial information says "HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: 64-BIT SYSTEM" and when I called support to ask about a 32-bit version, or if it could run on a 32-bit OS which was on 64-bit capable hardware, they said no. Nothing, nada, no way, upgrade your computer.

Yeah, well, you know how that goes. When I last upgraded a Vista machine to Win7, it took the better part of TWO DAYS on a broadband connection to download all the hardware driver updates for the computer (there's no "grab this big file if you're upgrading your OS and need all the driers at once") AS WELL AS all the updates for Win7, which of course needed to reboot multiple times, and then found more updates immediately after it updated, and then of course MSE waanted to update...the better part of two days.

So...it literally would be cheaper to buy a new computer than to invest in updating AGAIN just to make Adobe happy. And then finding out what legacy hardware (my slide scanner? The flatbed?) isn't supported in 64-bit, or which old programs won't run in 64-bit...I know, I can run an update advisor to findout some of that, but you know...two days, again?

This is the same gang that gave us Illustrator88 for the PC, and then swore that the PostScript effects in CorelDraw couldn't be done in PostScript. And keeps giving us Shockwave, which seems to accomplish no purpose except opening security flaws, version after version.

I mean, I was a real early PS zealot, both the fonts and PDF, and I got a lot of places to use PDF early on. But really...wtf needs a 64-bit OS to do anything in CS6 ?!

Oh, and btw, those of us fossils who might think "Well, I'll just download the CS5 trial and see if I like it, how different can they be?" No, the geniuses (genii?) at Adobe pulled CS5 from the market, so they eliminated the possibility of using a 32-bit version of their product.

I did this dance before with CS1 or 2 or 3...I forget which. They said it could import PM6.5 files and I figured it would be worth buying just to deal with my legacy file. Nope. Import filters wouldn't import the files (although Quark had no problem, haha) and all that tech support could say was gee, it has filters. I said thanks, I'm not buying it if they don't work.

What's that scene in the Indiana Jones movie, where a guy in the bazzar pulls out a bullwhip and Jones finally says something like "Oh, bleep it" and just shoots him? Yeah. After 30-odd years, someone at Adobe really needs to get out the sandpaper and work on the rough edges. (And someone at MS, and someone at Google, and....well let's add Congress and the Oval Office at the same time.<G>)
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