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steve: According to that, Ultimate gives you bitlocker and language choices that Pro doesn't.
Thanks for the link...I don't think I need Ultimate...

>> I use something called Ecco, kind of an outliner on steroids, for this kind of thing. It doesn't do cloud, but makes synching data between PCs painless.

I'll take a look at it...I don't need sync'ing but it's good to know it has it...

>>S'why I resist HP printers. Or use the Windows-supplied drivers.

I think their all-in-ones are the worst and it seems like all my sister's clients have them...this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've cleaned up her client's old pc's with HP software and it just such a pita to get rid of it...ugh...'-}}

I love my HP2200D--my 3rd (4th?) HP laser--and I don't remember having a hard time uninstalling my HP6MP's software but maybe that's because I don't install everyfriggingpart...'-}}

>>It's not my idea of fun either, but once up and running, it's not so bad.

Yeah...that's exactly what I remember. Fortunately, I kept the notes I made when doing the setup on my sister's netbook and I kept all the research--thank you WinCim...'-}}

Got another question. Can desktop systems be wireless? My guess is that most mobo's don't come with a wireless option and you'd have to add a wireless card. It's not something I would probably do but I was just wondering if it's possible?


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