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steve: Some vendors will even ship you the PC with XP Mode pre-installed.
Interesting...I'll be having this build done locally--desktop system--and will ask about that. My understanding is that you have to have Pro or Ultimate for XP VM to work--I will probably get Win7 Pro (wasn't sure if "Pro" = "Ultimate" and apparently they are different but not sure how).

>>it seemed to work ok, I went back to VMWare, which suits my odd needs better. But to run a particular app or two on one PC, I'd definitely give XP Mode first shot at it.

That's what I thought. I can get a 32bit version of Quicken--I think someone said 2001 is a good one, probably close to the 16bit Quicken 4 I'm currently running and I hope to be able to find it on ebay. I really, really, really don't want to give up WinCim. I know it's irrational but I still use the filing cabinet a lot for notes on things. I need to research to see if I could find something that replicates the WinCim cabinets and also the Outbox which is what I use most of the time by creating an "email" (will never be mailed) with a subject, then saving it to the Outbox and then I can open the Outbox and just scan down the displayed subjects to find the notes I took.

Do you know anything about EverNote?

>>I doubt it'll cause problems. If you let it install to Program Files, most stuff will actually land in Program Files (x86) but if the installer lets you create the install somewhere else, you should be good to go.

Yeah...I've finally found some pertinent info browsing around online and it appears to be NBD (no big deal...'-}}) for software that allows custom installation.

>>but if you need to do any registry fiddling, your older apps may have their settings in, for example:

It's rare that I go Registry diving unless it's to clean up an old system--WHY!!! does HP printer software INFEST!!! itself EVERYWHERE so that even when you've uninstalled an HP printer, there is still stuff loading at boot that take eons to dig out...ugh!!!

But...I digress...'-}}

>>And unless you circumvent all the UAC stuff, you may find that Win7 doesn't want you putting things just anywhere on the Windows drive. With a separate partition, that shouldn't be an issue though.

I played with Win7 when doing the setup on my sister's netbook just enough to get me in trouble and...just enough to make me really dread the idea of a new OS...

I'll keep you posted on what I get...how long it take before I actually do the deed will depend on what the cost specs out to be. I've got a bad drive--it's been bad for months and months--but still hung in there sort of until finally the last cold boot I did took 5 minutes to complete and I knew I'd have to open the case and pull the drive. Fortunately, it's my extra drive which I didn't use much (might be why it died) and while I'd love to get the data off of it, if it's lost, it'd be ok. The drive was really easy to pull--no screws!!!--and it was pretty nasty inside the case which I've loathed since I brought it home and will make sure the new build's case is NOTHING like the current one...'-}}

Anyway...I'm going to swing by the place that did my build and see if they can test the drive--Events doesn't really show anything useful--and while I'm there, I'm going to talk with them about spec'ing me out a system.


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