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Default Thoughts about Creative Cloud

Well, I finally got around to looking at the pricing of Creative Cloud vs purchase. My last upgrade to CS3 Design Premium cost about $650, precisely four years ago. Now they want $950 to go to CS6, or $360 for the first year and $600/year after that. Even though the $950 is a lot to cough up, the math seems to say "Purchase".

Does anyone have a different analysis?
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You purchase and it's yours forever and you can even sell it...you rent it and it costs you over and over and over again...and...they can even take it away from you...

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The trick is that the upgrades are going to be yearly, or every other year. And they won't let you skip a full update (the biannual ones). So really the cost will be pretty much the same to upgrade or go to the monthly cloud route. Terrie did point out the benefits of the update. It does last forever. But if you need to keep current on the software, the cloud may be the way to go.

And as I have mentioned before, I suspect that in four years or less there won't be a choice. Cloud or GIMP will be the only choice.
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You could be correct about four years from now, but by then I may not be using these programs professionally at all. I am not at all sure there are features of CS6 I will use, but I suspect Dreamweaver will have the most effect on my work, as web standards have changed so much in four years.

Seems a bit like the arguments for/against auto leasing. If one always wants the newest and shiniest, leasing may be reasonable. I have always purchased cars and driving one that is now 12 years old is just fine....
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