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Originally Posted by Susie View Post
This morning at work I got an e-mail from<snip/>

This thread is a good place to remind us all that (with but one exception that no one ever sees / checks) NOTHING in an email can be verified as truth.

The only thing (i.e., exception) that can be verified is the IP address (not the name) of the last sending host (not to be confused with an email's "Sender/From") ... in what could be a chain of sending hosts. Sadly, many big companies employ third party mail providers and that action effectively negates the usefulness of the last sender's IP.

NO PART of the content you see in an email application (certainly not From/To/Subject/Body) can be trusted, EVER. ...regardless of how authentic it may seem.


If they managed to jack your default browser too, you have some pretty permissive JavaScript (or Flash or Acrobat JavaScript) permissions in place (that's how they made the leap ... and given that it's likely they impersonated you MUCH more). ...best to use this encounter to learn how to block such activities (or find another machine, not just user, to use for anything considered "sensitive").

They changed your default in an attempt to get you to visit a page (that is presumably loaded with drive by exploits). The odd bit is that they had all the permission they needed to accomplish a (headless) drive by shooting when they gained enough permission to change your home page.

Web Geeks: What browser has this (heavy abuse of window and above) vector still open? Some branch of the IE tree?
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