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Originally Posted by bluepatent View Post
If You know of any prior art, you are kindly invited to participate in the search and submit relevant documents using the submission form on our homepage. Prior art can be any document / publication / product / product description that reveals the same or a similar technology and was published BEFORE the patent application, that is the 06.11.2003, in this case.
I can think of two examples of prior art right off the top of my head that will effectively kill the notion of the patent (attempt?) you describe. Suffice it to say the idea you describe in (007-VS (Validity) – Changing the size/dimension of a document layout) is NEITHER novel nor new.

1) The "smart objects" IP that was, err... is the basis for what we know today as Microsoft Visio (Ted Johnson will know more and may even hold a patent or two in this space). It emerged from Aldus Corporation (now Adobe Systems, Inc.) in the early 1990s (1991?). This IP describes (artwork) object properties and intra-object relationships that then lead to automatic, non-linear transformations (e.g., to Objects 2-N) when one object (e.g., Object 1) changes position, scale, rotation, etc. The origins of this IP date to the mid-1980s and a company called "Silicon Beach" (that as acquired by Aldus).

** Extra points go to any old timers that can recall the name of Silcon Beach's drawing application (it's escaping my aging mind).

2) Mike Templeman (one of the founding software engineers of Aldus) and some others worked for a time on the **EXACT** (and I mean !!EXACT!!) "idea/problem space" you describe for a product that they released for the General Magic "Magicap" <sp?> platform. It sought to automatically, re-paginate material based upon various constraints (that were primarily a function of fitting "page oriented" material into a tablet-based domain). Their work predated PDF if that's any indication of the age of this prior art. Magicap was a (failed) competitor to Apple's Newton product that came all the way to market (I owned a Sony Magicap device for a time) in 1990 (or possibly 1991). Mike's work went into great detail regarding not only re-pagination/re-arrangement but dynamic, occlusion and inclusion (i.e., content disappears and adjacent content fills in or re-arranges and vis versa) based upon intermixing of relationships between page / view region / display and content (including rules driven mixtures of one or more constraint(s)).

...then there's the small problem of HTML (and, more importantly, SGML and its basis) (re)pagination. Neither of which lie very far afield (if at all) from your description. Your client (foe?) may have better luck trying to patent "a novel process for mixing heat with water to produce hydrogen and oxygen"

I'll wager Adobe, Microsoft and Apple (plus a number of others) have various patents and LOTS of prior art in the space you describe.

If you'd like more information I can be reached via the forum admins.

Jeff R. "JR" Harmon

PS - If any of the forum admins want to forward this info into BluePatent's machinery and it leads to payment I'll gladly push the proceeds back into dtpforum's "general/operating" bank account.

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