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Default CF card/digital image recovery...

I hadn't used my camera in quite a while until the other day when I took a bunch of shots and yesterday I decided to get them off the cf card. I have a external multi-card reader but my desktop floppy drive also has a cf card slot. I pop the cf card in the desktop slot, the light goes green, I open Explorer, the appropriate drive displays the cardname, I click on it and get an error message that it can't read the card...

I get my external reader out of the storage drawer and decide to use it on my "new" laptop--you know...the card will magically then read because, it's on a different system...'-}}--and unfortunately I get the same error message. I begin to get a bit panicked by this because now, I've decided--since I've been denied access--that these images are the best images I've ever taken and I've gotta have them...'-}}

Off to do a browser search on 'cf card recovery'. I found a good series of forum postings with links to various recovery software and I downloaded and installed Digital Image Recovery (free)--on the laptop--which chugged away finding 174 images. The interesting thing is the images it found. There were shots I'd taken October 2008 and shots I'd taken in February 2010--all of which had been deleted via a card reformat in the camera--and...there were all the shots I'd taken the other day...

Whew!!! '-}}

Once I had my images, I reformatted the card in the camera, took a test shot and tried both the external cf card reader and then desktop-based cf card reader and both times the card read just fine so I'm not sure what was going on. I suspect that my desktop-based reader is flakey so in the future, I'm going to use the external reader.

At any rate, if anyone ever needs to recover images from a bum digital camera card, I'd certainly recommend the free "Digitial Image Reovery" utility. I also downloaded, installed and tested the ZAR data recovery utility which will do image recovery for free but it's a bit more complicated (maybe more sophisticated?) to use where the other is very easy and straightforward...

Oh! I also tried accessing the cf card from DOS and had to dig out my "Microsoft MS-DOS Operating System Upgrade User's Guide" (ver. 6.22) because I wasn't sure I was remembering the DOS commands correctly. I wasn't able to access the files in the cf card directory although I had not problem accessing the cf card reader (usb) drive...'-}}

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