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Default Oddities of old data hardware...

While I was getting my "new" free laptop (a money sink if there ever were one as I've now spent just shy of $200 on it) set up, I needed to install a very old version of Quicken on the laptop. Since the laptop does not have a floppy reader, I decided to copy the floppies to my desktop harddrive and then use my flash drive to copy the files to the new laptop.

Desktop floppy drive would not read the floppies. It was really weird because I'd installed the same software from the floppies when I had this system built a few years ago. Rooted around online with the error message and found that it was pretty common particularly as the floppies were for 16-bit software--yeah...yeah...yeah...I know but hey! software still works just fine...'-}}

Then I remembered that the even older laptop I had been using as a backup system (an old Dell) had a removable floppy drive which I dug out from the closet. I fired up the old laptop, plugged in the floppy drive (into the laptop's parallel port), copied the floppies' files to the old laptop's harddrive, plugged in the flash drive (only one port on this old laptop), copied the files from the flash drive to the new backup laptop and installed Quicken--with difficulty! as it didn't want to work if the software were nested into a subdir so I had to install it at C:\.

Then I started rummaging around for all my old software floppies, used the old laptop's floppy reader to copy all the files to the old laptop, copied from the old laptop's drive to the flash drive, flash drive to my desktop harddrive and then burned CDs...

Sooo...if you've got old software or data floppies out there that read properly a few years ago, don't think they will be able to be read now...'-}}

Working with the old Dell laptop forced me into final clean up mode on it and it has been given away to someone who is taking a computer maintenance/hardware class and she's going to use it as a training tool...'-}}

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