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john: Vuescan is a great resource. I was pleased to find that the ancient license I'd paid for on Windows was also good on a modern Mac.
That's great. I was surprised a few years ago when I contacted Ed about updating my version of Vuescan that I'd paid for the professional version so all of my updates have always been free. It's a really nifty piece of software and finally there is a book coming out on it! The VueScan Bible--due in April.

>>But when I use Vuescan to drive the Dimage, it makes more noise than it does when the Minolta software is in control. And besides, I like (or maybe am just used to) the Minolta interface.

I never really used the Minolta drivers but I always had to start the Minolta driver after turning on my Elite II or it would never complete the process of turning itself on and then I opened VueScan. Do you have to do that too? At first I thought my Elite II was broken but others told me they had to do the same thing.

>>Am nearing the end if the initial scanning for a set of ... well, not sure how many I'll have when I'm done, but I'm at about 450 pix now. The Minolta software is hanging in with no complaints.

Glad to hear that...I've still got all my China slides to scan but haven't gotten back into scan mode yet...'-}}

>>Will be interested to hear how you and the Plustek get along and what you think of a side-by-side comparison of scans of the same shot with that and your Minolta.

I've done just a very quick comparison and while the Plustek is not as sophisticated as the Minolta--only does 35mm, you have to manually move the slide carrier--and the case is lightweight compared to the Minolta, I think the optics are comparable to the Minolta so I think it's a keeper for me...

I hope to do more test scanning in a couple of weeks so I'll let you know what happens...

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