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Steve Rindsberg
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Interesting. This has just come up for me ... a client is looking for a way to put an app on iPhones (iPads/Pods as well, probably) but it would be strictly for his customers, so as near as I can tell, not something he could put on the App store.

Is it even possible to add apps to the iPhone w/o going through the store? He's doing some research on this on his own, but I figured I'd help out by asking where I know I can trust the answers.

Another possibility is to distribute the product (a kind of presentation more than an app) as HTML5. If it's not an app but a web page or series of them, is there a way of loading that onto a phone w/o going down Apple's wires?

For example if I were to email someone a couple of interlinked HTML and JPG attachments, could they launch them in the browser? Or save them someplace for later launching?

And is this my opportunity to tell the client he has to buy me an iPhone? ;-)

Steve Rindsberg
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