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John Spragens
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Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
The font was often on a rotating disk, the imaging was done by strobe light, and there were visual artefacts from all that movement.
That's the way the Compugraphic typesetter I encountered in 1977 worked. I don't remember noticing visual artifacts, but I don't have any samples handy to check. What sorts of problems? Baseline alignment jitter? Uneven spacing?

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
Newspapers were also slow to change. For one thing, their big presses were designed to run with Linos, and changing one meant changing (or adapting) the other.
Memory is dim now, but I think the paper where I worked in the early 1990s, in Palo Alto, Calif., had old letterpress presses that had been converted to run flexo plates -- a bridge to the new technologies. On the editorial end, we were working on SSI systems and sending output to an imagesetter, and the result went to pasteup. And then ...

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
I know production people from newspapers who were just getting into using (usually) QuarkXPress in the 1990s.
Just before TribCo shut the paper down, the editor started experimenting with XPress for some feature section fronts and sending full pages to the imagesetters. In principle, they could have gone direct to film with those pages (the imagesetter could handle either positive or negative and film or paper), but I don't remember whether they did.


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