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Hugh Wyn Griffith
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You saw it is a network drive -- via ethernet?

I have had very good experiences recently with buying hard drives at Best Buy locally including having them honor the lower website price than their shelf price.

They also exchanged the first drive I bought without batting an eyelid (even had a special counter for first-processing returns) when I had rashly assumed from the age of the laptop that it would have an IDE drive .... and the SATA equivalent was much cheaper than the otherwise identical IDE drive.

I often buy from Newegg but in this case the Best Buy price was substantially cheaper than equivalent drives at Newegg and other online sources.

Not being familiar with mirrored drive I was wondering whether this box gave you 2TB of storage or 1TB .... Review 3 provides this information:
<< The drive also comes pre-configured for RAID 1 (Mirroring) which is exactly what I wanted for secure data protection/back-up. However, if you prefer to establish RAID 0 (Striping), then it's very easy to configure (just make sure that you do this before transferring any data to the drive). RAID 1 provides a total of 1TB of effective storage and RAID 0 provides a total of 2TB of effective storage.

With regard to transfer speed, I was seeing on average transfer speeds of about 5 MB/sec(40 Mbps)! >>
Looks as if you should not take the 1000Mbps figure too literally .... although he doesn't say if his ethernet was 10/100 or went to the 1000 now available.

You pay a heavy premium for the Network mirrored arrangement:

Western Digital - WD Elements 2TB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive $150

which I think is one 2TB drive


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