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Default Is this calligraphy or type?

Trying to help a printer determine if this is calligraphy or type.

Looks like calligraphy to me, or possibly something that started out as type and got "enhanced."

I'm stumped.

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Looking at the lower case 'e', which is the main recurring character, I'd say it's good calligraphy.

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I agree with Ann...also...given that particular restaurant, I'd bet it's calligraphy...did you see that the owner died recently...he was pretty amazing...still in the kitchen daily at over 90 years old...

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Eric Ladner
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It's not a very big sample, but looking at the variations in the letters that do repeat, and at the overall "personality" of it, I'd go along with handwriting.

Not as much variation between thicks and thins as I'd expect from an edged pen, but maybe it was written with a reed pen, or on absorbent paper.

I had a similar experience the other day, trying to match a name in uncials on a business card, letterhead, and envelope we've been asked to re-create. I'm going to ask the client about it, but I think it must be calligraphy, since there are variations in the same letters between the three samples, and for every uncial font I could find, there was at least on character in the sample that did not match.

If it does turn out to be calligraphy, I guess I'll just have to scan the largest sample. I could almost rewrite it myself, but that would lead to a separate round of proofs, and it's not really what I'm supposed to be spending my work time on.

The more I look at your "L'Auberge Chez François" sample, Marlene, the more I like the reed pen idea. I haven't used one in years, but with a hand-cut pen the edge was never as sharp as a steel nib, and the ink flow was less predictable.

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