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Hugh Wyn Griffith
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Up to each ... I've never had any problems with using Run as Administrator. There's nothing wrong, so far as I know, with not setting compatibility and then doing it later; I don't remember it being grayed out once you install.

However in this case my suggestion was against the background of a concensus that it would not run ....


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Speaking of old files and formats, I still have a DOS computer and use it for a few functions.

In the end, we had to put the book into InDesign CS4.

My old computer with PgMkr is hard to access (have to rig it up with a power supply sitting outside the computer and do a few other things). We have another retired computer with PgMkr, but I felt insecure about the PgMkr pdf presets saved on that computer.

Turns out, the book loaded nicely into InDesign CS4. There were not too many things I had to do. One chapter is damaged so we'll have to recreate it. There is also a problem with a header behaving strangely; I posted a question about that in a separate thread.


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Glad that it is working out.

Too bad about the damaged chapter, but that sort of thing is one of the (many) reasons PageMaker has been retired! I loved the program, clung to it for many years, but do see the wisdom of moving on. It took me forever, though — for a long time I set up new jobs in PM (margins, styles, etc.), then opened them in ID to continue.

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Run it in the XP virtual session and it should be fine.

I was somewhat disappointed that PM6.51 wouldn't run under Vista (which doesn't have an XP emulator) but that QuarkXpress 4.x would without any problem. Also found the PM "filters" in CS3 wouldn't allow PM6.51 files to open under Vista either. Adobe said, gee, it should. So much for legacy support. Gee, it should.
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