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Default Fontographer does go to FontLab!

So, the other shoe has dropped. As rumored, FontLab has acquired Fontographer and promises to update it. Furthermore, “FontMeister” Jim Gallagher — who has supported FOG on CIS and on the Macromedia web site for many years — will be involved.

Fontographer is being positioned as a low-end font-creation tool in the press release. Fair enough, as it does not have all the technical capacity of FontLab. But many old FOG users will be happy if we can continue to use its drawing tools, which are much more accessible than FontLab’s (or at least more familiar to legions of Fontographer and FreeHand users).

The software can clearly stand enhancement, over and above an urgent need to update it for modern computer platforms. (After all, FOG 4 came out in 1996, an eternity in software time.) A beta of FOG 5 allowed for much greater levels of zoom; let us hope that that will make it into an early update. Anyway, it is clearly time to dust off those old FOG wish lists (and I am pretty sure I can find a couple we developed on the old CIS forum) and send them off to Ted Harrison!

Fontographer has a new home at FontLab Ltd.
Fontlab Ltd. Licenses Legendary Font Editor,
Plans to Continue Development

Port Angeles, WA, USA, May 9, 2005: Fontlab Ltd. is pleased to announce the licensing from Macromedia Inc. of the Fontographer product line. "Fontographer is a respected name in the field of digital typography," said Ted Harrison, president of Fontlab Ltd. "We are proud to add this legendary font editor to our lineup of products." As of today, Fontlab will continue to sell the current version of Fontographer while beginning work on fixing bugs and preparing a new version - expected to be released early next year.

"With nearly two decades of presence on the market, Fontographer has gained a reputation as an easy-to-use and reliable tool for creating digital fonts, and continues to boast a strong and dedicated user community among desktop publishers, graphic designers and typographers. We feel that Fontographer will find a secure and comfortable home at Fontlab Ltd. Our team is committed to continuing the development of a brand-new version of the product," said Harrison.

Harrison continues, "With our TypeTool product we have a font editor for beginners, hobbyists and students. FontLab Studio and AsiaFont Studio are our high-end products with a certain degree of technical complexity, aimed at professional type designers. With Fontographer, we now have a tool that fills the gap between those products — a font editor for graphic designers and desktop publishers, powerful enough for real-world typography but without all the bells and whistles of our high-end products."

Fontlab Ltd. will offer upgrade paths from TypeTool 2 to Fontographer 4.1 (US$249) and from Fontographer 4.1 to FontLab Studio (US$299) and to AsiaFont Studio (prices to be announced.)

Fontlab will assume support for Fontographer version 4.1+ from Macromedia and will retain the services of Fontographer guru Jim Gallagher, who has nurtured Fontographer for the last ten years, and who will advise the Fontlab development team in their task of updating Fontographer.

For more information, contact Fontlab Ltd.


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