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So your ISP provides you with their choice of AV software to run on your machine? But they've modified it so you can't see the version number? Who knows what other modifications they've made!

Norton has been well known for being a resource hog (but that's true of most of the big names), slowing down your computer and sometimes causing as many problems as it claim to prevent.

I've always thought that paying for a subscription to AV software is a bit like a protection racket. "That's a nice computer you've got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it......"

I would have a look at the table here. There's plenty of good free AV software, like Avira, Avast, ClamWin, etc.

There's also a tendency for people to assume, once they are running AV software, that they are now "protected" against malware, and so be a little more cavalier than they might otherwise be about downloading software of dubious origin; visiting dodgy websites, etc. The best policy is one of prevention, by making sure that your computer is configured as strictly as possible and adhering to a few behavioural rules; rather than cure, which is what AV software does.

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