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judy: think the upload side of my *asynchronous* DSL is just quite slow.
Ahhh...I wondered if that were the case. When I was first looking at getting a broadband account, if I had gone with DSL, it would have been ADSL and it took weeks to get the install so I went with Comcast--they did the install 2 days after I ordered.

Flash forward 4-5 years and DSL was available on 2-3 tiers--slow-ish (384k? 176k?? can't remember), better (3mb) and faster (can't remember how fast). Verizon was offering some good deals and a rebate so I decided to go with the least expensive (slow) option after doing a test at my next door neighbor's on her system (she had that Verizon plan) and it seemed fast enough.

However, when I actually started using it, I did some testing and the downloads were incredibly slow (barely above dial-up) from a site I'd downloaded from before (can't remember what it was now) and I'd not found it slow to download before.

I still had my Comcast broadband service (I kept it in case I decided to cancel Verizon) and so I hooked my modem back up and downloaded from the same site and the download was as fast as I'd remembered it. I hooked up the Verizon dsl modem again and tried downloading again and again it was soooo sloooowwww--this 3-4 minutes after I'd done the Comcast test so it wasn't that the time of day was all that different.

I posted a query about the problem at dslreports.com on the Verizon Direct forum--actual Verizon techs--and they basically said, that was the way it worked--even though I wasn't getting anywhere near the promised download speed for that tier of service. So, I upgraded my Verizon DSL plan to the next level--it was still less expensive than Comcast--and on the whole I was quite pleased with the service although I recently (December) went with FiOS broadband...

>>There's no way I could do online backups with the slowness of my uploads. Fortunately, I have five external hard drives plus DVD burners on my two desktop computers, so I'm not concerned about the impracticality of online backups for me.

I'm not sure I trust online backups and so I'd probably still use external drives and DVDs so I've not ever gotten around to investigating an online service...

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