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kt: I want to wait long enough to see how well it works without having my observations colored by fury.
ROFL!!! I can certainly understand that approach...'-}}

>>The tankless unit now seems to work the way it is supposed to. I’m not sure it suits this house or us, however, but this is only the third day with full use of it properly set up, so I am not in a hurry to decide.

I glad that all the work has been done for proper installation--I remembered your discussion about the plumbing company owner and the manufacturer. It seems like they did all the work relatively quickly but then, I wasn't living in the midst of it. How long did it take them to get it all done?

>>I almost battered the manufacturer with my cane when he absolutely would not listen to me.

Why? I thought he was the one who saw that the initial installation was badly done.

>>What was not fun was four showers I took that went absolutely bone cold in about five minutes

Ohhh...ick! Not fun in the winter with winter water temps...

>>So, pending. We may yet decide to ask them to remove it and sell us a conventional unit.

Do keep us posted! I'm very curious...

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