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john_b: I don't know about the specific problem you mention.
Well...it's good to know it's just me rather than a common problem...'-}}

>>I have a large mailbox going back about 15 years I suppose and Tbird does occasionally hang and require a restart.

I have had my mail.com account since about 2001-ish or so and had a large volume of saved mail--both in folders and in the Sent and Trash files. When this transition to aol handling mail.com's mail occurred, I was very pleased that TB created an IMAP account rather than a POP account--nothing I did specifically so I think TB looks for IMAP and uses it by default if it's there--because I was able to download all of my mail.com data to my own hard drive.

When I began having the problem with the Sent file, because I had it backed-up to my own hard drive, I wasn't going to lose anything by deleting the majority of the Sent file data from the server and that actually did help in reducing the "indexing" actions by TB.

I think I may have narrowed down the Sent file problem to replying to emails that were in my InBox at the time of the migration--I always have some emails sitting from people I email regularly sitting in my Inbox because in the old mail.com format, it was easier to reply to someone than to write a new email because of the way the old format handled addressing.

>>I have mine set to do the compacting automatically but, well, who knows?

How do you do that? I've not found that option.

>>I'd like to be able to hive off whole chunks of stuff that you know you're never going to want again... but of course, you just might want it one day...

LOL!!! I know exactly what you mean. I've not had a chance to investigate archiving and I'm not quite sure what archiving means as it relates to TB. For me, it's not urgent because I was able to copy all of my mail.com folders to my harddrive.

>>I would recommend EZ Backup Thunderbird Premium (www.rinjanisoft.com) if you want to schedule regular backups. I use it because it can do that even while Tbird is running. It's not free but it isn't expensive either!

Thanks...I'll take a look...

>>Not solved your problem, I'm afraid, but I hope some food for thought.

No but, as I mentioned above, at least I know the Sent file issue is not common and that's a good thing...'-}}


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