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Is it an Apple BT mouse, or third-party?
I think that the "stubby USB things" work by Bluetooth, also!
No courage is required to install Snow Leopard. It's had the highest take-up rate of any version of OS X, and the fewest problems.

I have to say that I really DON'T want Bluetooth wireless peripherals. I don't want to have to keep buying (or faffing about with recharging) batteries, just to have my keyboard and mouse work.

Wireless Internet? Lovely. I can have my laptop anywhere in the house. Bluetooth connection with my phone? Fine, I don't need to plug my phone into the computer for the 2 mins that it takes to sync the two.

But the keyboard and mouse will always be immediately in front of my computer. I'm not going to wander off around the house, holding the keyboard and mouse.

I'm all for reducing cabling. I've had the devil of a job trying to get USB cables that were 1m in length. All the shops sell only 2m, 4m and 8m. What USB device needs to be 8m away from the computer....?

I'm also currently delighted that 3 pieces of hardware attached to my machine all draw their power from FireWire or USB, reducing the clunky transformer plugs under my desk.

IIRC, there have been problems with Bluetooth keyboards not being recognised early enough to perform the "startup keypress" options on OS X, i.e. C for CD, <alt> to show all devices; other commands for PRAM zapping, single user boot, "extensions off", etc, etc.
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