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Originally Posted by Franca View Post
Lately Firefox has been bogging my Win XP Pro system down dreadfully, often to the point of being unable to shut Firefox down properly and requiring a system reboot. But I'm wondering ... is it Firefox, or is it the particular web pages I have open at any given moment? Or is it my system? With all of the ads and animations and automatic refreshes and so forth on web pages these days I'm not sure what is to blame for this, but I am really Not Happy with these frequent bouts of 100% CPU usage. I try to keep as few tabs open as possible now (where before I never even thought about it) but while this seems to help it hasn't cured the problem. When I close Firefox the problem goes away.
Hi Franca,

ITS FIREFOX..... I can be on FACEBOOK.COM on my windows log in and then have maybe a facebook app up then switch user accounts to my mom's and she could of left by accident a facebook app up and by the time I catch it an hour later because my PC speed has degregated so badly, I try to go FILE > EXIT and cant and wind up using CTRL F4 to just kill the whole Firefox process. I am starting to find myself doing that more and more unfortunately.

~ Christopher ~

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