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Cristen Gillespie
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Originally Posted by Benwiggy View Post
No, I've never had any problems with Adobe's updater. It runs in the background, every now and again, but never crashes.

If you have apps that are crashing and general sluggishness, you should read the crash logs to see what the cause is; use Activity Monitor and Console logs to figure out what's holding things up.
I wasn't being specific enough. It runs in the background, alright. If I catch the fact that it's running soon enough, a right-click on the dock icon usually allows for Quit. If I don't spot it, I'll often see the spinning beach ball for far too long for processes, and after that, I see that the only Quit choice is Force Quit. I know I'm not alone, and I know that there are others who use the Updater without a problem.

This is on the iMac running CS3 and/or CS4. It doesn't destroy performance on the Mac Pro, but I still kill it as soon as I see it.

I don't have apps (the ones I choose to run) that are crashing. I rarely crash on either machine. If I do, I get Adobe's crash reporter and send in the log if I'm online.

I have noticed it doesn't run in the background "every now and again." It runs every time I open Acrobat, or darned near every time, and often enough ID CS3. It doesn't run often for PS or AI, so long as I don't open Acrobat or ID.

I get the "program not responding" from time to time in the main apps when I've spent all day in Bridge and PS, often with Acrobat running too, and/or ID. I must be getting program not responding very often with the Updater, or the menu wouldn't switch from Quit to Force Quit so often, nor so quickly. There's no crash log for a Force Quit.

If I were to report "general sluggishness" with my iMac G5 that holds a whopping 2GB RAM and 64 MB VRAM, and told them I had 4/5 of the Premium Design Suite open, and the PS file alone is routinely in the neighborhood of 400 MB, and often there's more than one file open, they'd just laugh at me. What else could I expect? That I could run that computer forever and have it perform like a champ? Sure do wish that were grounds for complaint. <BG>

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