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Hugh Wyn Griffith
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Negative would be compatiblity of your existing hardware including the PC itself if you are upgrading an existing machine -- my older desktop Ollie 2 could not complete the installation of 64r bit WIN 7 at the RC1 stage because there was no 64 bit driver for the ethernet chip on the motherboard and so one could not get out to the internet to upgrade anything, including Windows itself.

WIN 7 32 is fine on that machine and my very old HP SJ5P scsi scanner and Adaptec 19160 scsi controller work fine using the XP drivers for the scsi controller and even older HP scanning software (WIN 98 at least <s>)

I have the RTM WIN 7 Enterprise Trial installed on the new desktop Ollie 3 and everything is working fine. Most of the ASUS motherboard drivers and software are in WIN 7 version on the CD with the motherboard.

But if you are upgrading the best thing is to run Microsoft's Windows 7 Compatibility Test and it will give you a very detailed report on both the PC and peripherals and software with what is completely compatible, what is not and what is maybe if you can get something from the manufacturer.

64 bit OS's can handle more memory (greater than 3.nGB) but don't need it so far as I know.

32 bit applications run fine under 32 bit and 64 bit WIN 7 provided they are fully 32 bit but some older ones may still have 16 bit installers and they won't run to install.

If you possibly can go for a new PC with WIN 7 already installed and you'll almost certainly be much happier with the result unless your existing machine is fairly recent.

You probably won't need an WIN 7 version other than Home Premium since the Professional and Ultimate versions only add some security stuff (BitLocker?) and Multilanguage capability.


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