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shane: What I think some of the color people don't appreciate is that they're not the only ones affected by them -- there is no conspiracy.
It's never been my impression that people think it's a conspiracy...people are just frustrated because stuff they depend on isn't working properly and they are frustrated because some of it--as I understand it--has been a problem since that last OS release--Leopard > Snow Leopard?? I don't keep up with the release names so I might have it wrong...'-}}

I did check through some of the recent ColorSync Users list digests--good thing I rarely empty my email Trashbox--and found the following brief ref to the scripting problem--there were other posts in recent weeks but I can't find the appropriate digests now:

"I notice that Bill Atkinson's "extract monaco lab.app" doesn't appear to work under Snow Leopard. I get "End of File" and "Oops, wrong number of text items for sample x" messages."

To which someone replied:

"Apple scripting has fundamental changes in Snow Leopard."

All I can say is that I'm glad I don't have to deal with whatever is going on with Apple, Adobe's CS4 (hey! I'm still using Photoshop 7...'-}}) and I haven't changed my Epson 4000 drivers because I'm still running WinXP...so I don't really care...'-}}

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