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Cristen Gillespie
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Benwiggy: You misunderstand the term "destructive". I am not implying that the data is irreversibly degraded in any way --- but it is altered.
You're right. Data is altered in AI if you move objects around. No one should take the risk if they think they might be careless or distracted, but I can understand why the AI team hasn't rushed to create a rotate view. I imagine it would be welcome, but not as pressing to most AI users as it has been to ID and PS users.

Benwiggy: So while these "workarounds" are obviously available, they are not the same as the rotate view capability that the OP is looking for, which is to be welcomed.
Not in AI, I guess, if he worries about forgetting to get back to his original state. And now with up to 100 artboards possible in a single file, there's a greater chance of being distracted and missing what you do if you aren't very alert.

But it's not a workaround in either ID or PS. You're not altering any data in either of those programs, even temporarily. And yes, it's in CS4 that you'll find these. In ID it's a menu item. In PS, it's a tool (R) that resides below the Hand tool.

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