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Eric Ladner
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Default Snow Leopard and Helvetica Neue

I missed it if this has been discussed here.

After installing Snow Leopard I found that several of my T1 Helvetica Neue fonts had been replaced with TT versions, and that when I tried to reinstall them I got "conflict with system font" warnings.

Now, I'm neither a Helvetica partisan, nor a detractor. It's not one of my favorites, but I do need to be able to use it for client work. The office system, running an older version of OS X, wasn't having any problems, but when I brought work home, the TT fonts I had to use caused trouble at the office the next morning.

Googling "Snow Leopard" "Helvetica Neue" turned up the suggestion (in the MacRumors forums) to put the T1 fonts in InDesign's font folder. This does seem to work; I have not yet checked the writer's guess that it would work across the Creative Suite.

This is no help for QuarkXpress. What could Apple have been thinking, to throw a monkey wrench into the workings of such a widely-used font family?

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This problem first occurred under Leopard. TrueType versions of Helvetica and Helvetica Neue are system-essential fonts that reside in /System/Library/Fonts.
If you try to remove these fonts, they are magically recreated at next bootup!

However, there is a way of deleting the fonts from the System folder. But you must make sure that PS versions are always loaded, so have them in /Library/Fonts.

Snow Leopard does have the added problem that FontBook always favours TrueType versions over PostScript.

You may have better luck with some other font management program, such as Linotype's FontExplorer X.

There should be a general Adobe Fonts folder in Application Support, IIRC.
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This is a real pain. Cropped up in Leopard, apparently continues in Snow Leopard. I thought cats were clever! <g>

Any other gotchas? (Still sitting here with the Snow Leopard DVD safely in its little box.)

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Michael Rowley
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What could Apple have been thinking, to throw a monkey wrench into the workings of such a widely-used font family?
As Helvetica is a standard typeface in Macs, probably Apple would not be supplying the old Type 1 fonts, which are quite passé. But why they should supply the TT/OT version now that Macs (and Windows) don't need ATM to use PS/OT fonts seems strange; perhaps they're reminding people that TrueType was an Apple Computers invention.

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