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Howard Allen
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Originally Posted by don Arnoldy View Post
My response is—you have an almost-five-year-old newsletter that you're presenting to potential members?! This surely cannot be the best presentation for your club! I would put up the most-interesting issue from this past year instead.
Point taken, but I'm afraid you've missed the point of my message: it really has nothing to do with newsletter per se. The issue is this: do people have the right to request that their contact information be removed from archival material? What about all the zillions of archived magazines, journals, newspapers, etc. that proliferate on the web? They all contain names, phone numbers and email addresses--are publishers expected to go back and expunge all this historical data after it reaches a "best before" date? What if our club decided (as many do) to provide all our newsletter back-issues for free downloading? And what about printed material? Our newsletters were printed and mailed out to members. Maybe some of them have kept back issues; what if someone looks in a hard copy back-issue and decides to contact this person? The whole idea is beyond absurd.

Ideally, I think I would replace the sample with a two-issue old one each time a new one is published.
In our specific case, the age of the newsletter sample is not that important (I don't think), because the "look" hasn't changed in the past five years, and the articles are mostly general interest and not time-sensitive. It's more along the lines of a National Geographic, where an issue 20 years old looks no different from the current issue, and an article on stick insects or Mount Everest is no more or less relevant.



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