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Originally Posted by Benwiggy View Post
You need to give them reasons why what they suggest will not work well. You also need to make sure that these don't sound like excuses on your part.
Offer them the choice: "I can do what you ask, but it will not look as good because no one will be able to view it at 8.5 x 11. Is that what you want?"
Ultimately, they are paying you, so if they want rubbish, then you have to give it to them.

If you really feel strongly, you could give a form of ultimatum: "OK, I'll do what you want, but I do not want you to mention my name in connection with this." That might give them pause for thought.

Love the engraving, by the way.
Thank you, Benwiggy. That approach is basically what I had in mind. If they keep insisting, even after I show what other people have said, I guess they're just too looney to listen and will get their request.

Originally Posted by LoisWakeman View Post
Her design looks very odd, the way the tower is cut off doesn't work at all. I second Ben's advice. I like yours - especially the second one (in colour).
Thank you for the compliments, Lois. To be fair, I composed it myself, but the overall look is what they requested. They seem to want it very simple but with huge text crowding it up. The woman even has 8.5x11" frames ready and is eager to get these printed. It seems like she's got a huge bias and wants her photo to be used so badly, regardless of how it hurts the overall design.

I was hoping a couple more people would post on here so I could get a good average. I wish we had a poll option on DTP so we could tally up the opinions...
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