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Howard Allen
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Originally Posted by Ronald View Post
Is it possible to have a camera that, without a long shutter lag, takes acceptable photos under dark/dim lighting that won't cause blur? There could be situations were I'd want to be low key and not use flash.
Depends: do you want to have your cake, or eat it?

All cameras--whether film or digital--work by gathering light. There are only so many ways of gathering more light:

1) Expose the sensor/film longer (shutter speed)
2) Use a more sensitive sensor/film (ISO "speed")
3) Use a bigger "pipeline" (i.e. wider lens aperture)
4) Introduce more light (flash)

That's about it. Good DSLRs will give you the ability to manipulate all four variables--multiple shutter speeds; multiple ISO sensitivity settings; interchangeable lenses (lenses are available in different "speeds", which means "maximum light-gathering ability": 50mm--or equivalent--standard lenses may be available in different maximum apertures--f1.2, f1.4, f1.8, f2.0 etc., the smaller the number the bigger the aperture, and the higher the price). You will also be able to use more powerful flash units.

The best combination of all four variables will depend on the situation. With point-and-shoot cameras you may be stuck with a single not-very-fast lens and no (or a smaller range of) ISO settings, which are two variables you want to maximize for lurking under the radar in dimly-lit environments.


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