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Steve Rindsberg
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Some of the bridge cameras offer interchangeable lenses (but it's not the usual thing).
The Lumix cameras have good quality lenses and some have extraordinarily long zoom ranges (but can have rather small image sensors, so the image quality won't be as good as a DSLR (which usually have larger sensors) will give you.

Don't confuse size of sensors with megapixels. All things being equal, a larger sensor will give you a better image than a smaller sensor at the same number of megapixels. But there are cameras that have small sensors but deliver large numbers of pixels. Personally, I'd rather have a higher quality but lower resolution image. My older teenycam (Pentax Optio S) delivers better images than the much higher resolution Lumix I've got, but the Lumix has a much wider zoom range, image stabilization and a lot of other features that make it more versatile.

And by shutter lag, do you mean the delay between pressing the shutter and actually taking the picture, or just long shutter-open times?

If the latter, look for good image sensor performance at higher "film" speeds. Some of the newer Nikon DSLRs seem to be absolute killers in this area.

Steve Rindsberg
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