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It is pretty but there seems to be no content (nothing for Google or other spiders to find). Or is this just a dummy layout?

You are using HTML 4.01 Transitional, which is really, really old. Most sites today use XHTML 1, with cascading style sheets (CSS).

You have ISO-8859-1 encoding; it is better (more universally accessible) to use UTF-8 (unicode). Don’t see ALT statements on images; they should be there as they make it possible for screen readers to parse the page.

On the Welcome page, I see closing inline HTML (/font, for example) in a few cases. No open, just the close.

Your pages do not validate; you might want to check your pages on the W3C validation site from time to time; it can help catch errors that may cause problems for some viewers or otherwise harm the effectiveness of your site.

Mind you, many sites do not validate, sometimes because of an error in coding, sometimes because W3C occasionally changes the rules. But some errors can cause problems, and it helpful to know about them, and good to fix the ones you can.

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