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Originally Posted by Benwiggy View Post
Which update was this? I've kept my Macs up-to-date, and have not had my preferences adjusted like this.
Not sure which update it was - or even if that was the culprit but I'm running OSX 10.5.8 and Mail Version 3.6 (936).

Originally Posted by Benwiggy View Post
Though I have to say that I wouldn't advise solely relying on Mail for invoicing records.
I don't but I do rely on Mail's sent mail records to be able to say to a client 'I sent you that (invoice/job/whatever) on ... in an email titled ...' whereupon they are able to look in their junk mail folder and find it.

Originally Posted by Benwiggy View Post
However, if you put emails into other folders, (i.e. not the InBox or Sent Box), then they are protected a little more.
For instance, if you delete a Mail account in prefs, its Inbox and Sent Box will be deleted, along with all the emails. However, emails placed in other folders will be retained.
That sounds like good advice. Presumably I can create a rule that says that any email addressed to a certain person will be copied to a particular folder. Thinking about it, doing that would not be a bad idea. Presumably I could also put a copy in another folder on my mobile me account (or whatever Apple are calling it these days).


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