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Default Simple Software for HTML Layman?

I'm currently revamping the look, information, and organization of a Chamber of Commerce website. The Chamber director knows nothing about HTML or website editing, and he wanted to know if there is any convenient method that he himself could make simple text updates on the Events page. I know of Adobe Contribute, which he would have to purchase, but I don't know of any other method other than simply showing him how to edit documents and re-upload them as a web designer would.

I'll attend a meeting tomorrow regarding the website and I'd like to have some knowledge on this issue if possible.
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You could install WordPress, then use its Page function (as opposed to blog posts with all the commenting apparatus) to create a sort of news portal for the rest of the site.

WP includes a text editor, something like the one here, so your director could enter his text updates directly. The WP editor has a spelling checker, allows simple formatting, and you can set it to apply appropriate HTML auto-magically so he never needs to see (let alone apply) any codes.

You can place your normal header items (logo, links menu, etc.) in the WP Page header.

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Robin Springall
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Serif PagePlus is also pretty good, and you can buy previous versions for next to nothing.
Then there's Netscape Composer, which is free

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Originally Posted by Ronald View Post
he wanted to know if there is any convenient method that he himself could make simple text updates on the Events page.
This is a usual requirement of hotels and many small businesses that need to post simple news items, change prices etc. Although Contribute can do this, the initial page template & layout has to be constructed with DreamWeaver. A few of my clients have used it, but in many respects it provides far more power and functionality than they need.

So my simple page editor of choice is SnippetMaster, which really just requires php running on the server and comment markers in the page code to define editable regions. I have it installed on about 25 sites with no complaints from my clients about using it. You can try out the free lite version to see if it would suit your requirements.


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I just used MODx to create a site that needed non-pro updating. Seems to work pretty well. I got the orignal html/css working in Dreamweaver, then broke it into the pieces MODx works with.
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I'm going to second the nomination of SnippetMaster. If you want a quick way of allowing edits for non-technical users but don't want to have a "full-blown" CMS, it works great.
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