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Default Calling HTML sub-pages with PHP?

Assistance needed, please:

I may be about to plunge into a PHP project somewhat more complex than any I've tried before with web programming. This project will involve creating work order type records -- that is, a single object that includes a set of header data which is entered once, then one or more sets of data for child record(s). I know this means using two tables in the background: a Work Order table for the header data and a Work Items table for the individual items. What I'm not sure of is the best way to generate the user interface for it.

Now, I can already see at least one possible way to implement this: a linear sequence of PHP scripts which lets the user enter the header data, then enter as many work items as they want, one at a time, and each time one form calls another, all the data involved is stored and forwarded from caller to callee using database fields, session variables, and/or cookies. However, this strikes me as an ugly and inelegant way to do it. What I'd really like to be able to do is have an interactive HTML form (call it P for Parent) that displays the work order data as a header, then all existing work items for that order in a tabular format. Each item has two buttons, Edit and Delete, and at the bottom is a button for "Add New Row". Clicking any of these buttons temporarily suspends P, calls a separate script (call it C for Child) which works like a function: it appears, does its thing, then returns control to P at exactly the point where P was suspended, at which point P looks at what was done, and redisplays the work order info with whatever changes were just made.

I guess what I'm asking is: is it possible to create a program stack with PHP, or is the rule "one script/page at a time, no returns to higher levels, and all communication between scripts must be by way of passed form variables, cookies, session variables, and/or stored database values?" If that is the rule for PHP, then is there another Web programming language that does permit program stacks?

-- Jon W.
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