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Steve Rindsberg
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Originally Posted by Michael Rowley View Post
The board members would do well to keep their feelings to themselves, otherwise they will shortly receive a visit from Prachett's Librarian (who has the outer form of an Orang Utang and reacts violently to suggestions that he is some type of monkey).
"The Librarian appears in orangutan form in the video games Discworld and Discworld II. In the first game, a running gag is used where he assaults anybody who happen to say the word "monkey", either deliberately or out of accident,"

And now I understand something:

For one of my round birthdays, a bunch of my so-called "friends" pooled their funds and hired me a gorillagram, to be delivered in the lobby of a theater where we'd just attended a play together.

The gorilla (you see this coming by now) went librarian-poo at any mention of the word "gorilla" or anything else monkey-related.

And now after all these further round birthdays, I finally get the joke.

Well I'll be a mon^H^H^Hlibrarian's uncle.

Steve Rindsberg
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