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Originally Posted by wexfordpress View Post
The only paid for publishing software I use is Mup, a shareware music typesetting program.
Computer Music engraving is about the hardest graphical task there is. The leading exponent of notation algorithms, Donald Byrd, has demonstrated that fully automated music notation is generally impossible, without human-level artificial intelligence.

I use Finale, which is for Mac or Windows - though some have got it to run using WINE on Linux. It's the professional level engraving program, akin to InDesign. Sibelius, the other contender, is considered by some to be the "Word" of music notation. It's far easier to use, does a lot for you without asking, but does not have the flexibility or control of Finale.

I'm surprised you paid for Mup. There is a free Unix notation package called Lilypond, (also another called abc..?). It does have problems with some aspects of notation, and elements cannot be adjusted - though I imagine Mup would be no better nor worse.

Like the setting of moveable type, "old school" music engraving was a highly skilled craft, with 9 years' apprenticeship! A great deal of that knowledge and skill set has been lost, as people assume that the computer will do it all for them. Some of the scores coming from OUP now would make an old engraver apoplectic!

Slightly more on track, my father typesets books using only his own PostScript algorithms in a text editor. Hyphenation, headers, pagination, footnotes, and placed images are all made with no DTP software at all!
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