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Originally Posted by Steve Rindsberg View Post
My main computer has XP/SP2 and updates have been turned off from the getgo. I've got a firewall installed, AV software that I *do* allow to update itself regularly/automatically and it all lives behind a router so its IP address is never exposed to the world.

Same with the computer whose place it took. In the five or more years it's been set up this way, I've had no problems with viruses, malware.
Replacing XP with Win2K that practically describes how I have my (older) computers set up: latest service pack, strict firewall, constantly updated antivirus, no automatic updates except for the antivirus. I get emails with virus attachments, but I can practically smell them out by their subjects and my email clients are set to not render HTML. Microsoft updates get installed only - manually - if they are really really critical and do not cause problems that I've heard of.

I have never, ever been infected with anything at all since my first computer (late 1988), even though I have had "infectuous" files emailed to me and sitting on my computer. The only problem I have is an occasional false positive (usually old software that current antivirus software just doesn't know about and the heuristics decide looks suspicious, usually for sensible reasons, too).

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