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The previous guide, designed and produced by a printing company, used a dark blue for all text. But perhaps they used a spot color to run the bill up (It really wasn't that well designed by the way).
I loved most of my printers, but as designers they were better at running a press. (I don’t think they were often guilty of choosing expensive tricks to run up the bill; more likely, they chose layouts and processes that were not too much trouble.)

Now that I see your jpeg, this is not dense copy, and the colored type is a more reasonable idea (though it is a bit light, which de-emphasizes it). Anyway, you may still run into trouble with mixed inks for type of that size. Are the heads (Annual Events and Delaware County Fair) base-aligned? They should be — it is a little unsettling to have them just a bit off.

The spacing in the display type at left needs some work: all-caps setting should be letter-spaced (i.e., spaced) out a bit, and the space between the words should be much narrower. (And the V in EVENTS is badly designed — the point should sink below the baseline a bit so it doesn’t appear to be floating (especially as the real caps actually have a lower baseline of their own). You could try increasing the size of the V a tad, then adjusting its baseline, though it risks making it look obviously heavier than its companion letters.)

Given the general style, I would not justify the text block below the pictures (and any others like it). Ragged right would not only be easier to read but more in keeping with the general look of the thing. And you should not indent the first line there — especially if you are using a large cap for emphasis.

How come the bullets are so far away from their text? About half an em is normal.

Sorry if I seem to be nit-picking. Typical designer!

P.S.: I messed up your image by accident and do not seem to be able to fix it. If it is not too much trouble could you attach it to a reply to this. Mea culpa.

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