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You don't have to be "married" to a service contract for years or actually at all. I think it is about ten years ago when I first got a prepaid phone - this is the kind of cell phone deal where you have your own phone (either bought it from a phone company, or on eBay as I usually do); you subscribe to the prepaid service of a phone company (ATT's offering is called "gophone", google it for more details), give them 15, 30, or 100 bucks for "call minutes" as you see fit on a random or monthly or quarterly or yearly basis, and voila! you have a working cell phone, no strings attached. Now you are free to play with the features the phone you chose happens to offer (if you are adventurous as Kathleen seems to be), or you don't do anything but use the phone for emergency calls when, say, you have a flat tire, or you are in the store and can't remember what it was your husband asked you to buy. Don't forget: The phone can be feature-packed, it may offer intimidating options, but you don't have to use any of them!

I am on the third generation of phones now, simply because they became smaller and lighter and more versatile; this latest set of phones for example is now compatible with international communication protocols, I can take the phone on my trips to Europe, buy and insert a prepaid SIM (tiny chip card) at Frankfurt airport and use the phone for hotel/restaurant reservations, to communicate with friends (forewarning them of my imminent arrival and stay-over!), and I won't be stranded when disaster strikes on the Autobahn (no, hasn't happened yet, but ....). I even receive text messages from people who are not as clumsy as I am composing them. So you see, you don't need to be a techno freak to find some good uses for a cell phone. I think most people agree after overcoming their initial anxieties.
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