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Originally Posted by john_b View Post
For the most part, Adblock Plus - for those of us who use it - does a pretty good job.

One of the UK newspapers - The Independent - seems to have found a way to circumvent it, although it may simply be me who can't set the filter properly.

Here, for example, is one of their stories and there are scrolling ads on the right of the page, many of which seem to come from doubleclick.net
I am not using Adblock (in any version) yet I see very few ads. What I use is a combination of shortcutting some domains via the hosts file (so nothing can get loaded from those domains), and a user stylesheet that simply makes a lot of ads disappear with CSS.

On the page in question I do see some ads, but no "scrolling" ads. At the bottom of the main content column I see a block of text ads (quasi-heading "Advertiser Links") which is filled with double-barreled scripts: an outer script that does a simple document.write() which itself inserts another script with the script tag (weakly) obfuscated, like this:
document.write( "<scr" + "ipt src='http://cmls.eu.overture.com/ls_js_1_0/?linkspotId="+OVcatid+"&source=independent_js_uk_linkspot_implem&NGrp=1&NKw=5'></SCR" + "IPT>" );
Plus a script building list elements for an unordered list. But it's not really intrusive.

In the sidebar, I see three search boxes (Mydeco furniture search, Property search and Book restaurants, styled differently), again not very intrusive (though the first has two static images), and a "Compare prices & shop online" block with some small images which comes via Kelkoo; adding a style rule to my user stylesheet to hide <div class="kelkooBox"> should get rid of that.

Try as I might, I can't find a way to block these. I've used various combinations including wildcards but nothing seems to work - am I missing something?
Are you seeing other stuff than I just described?

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