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Default Mac news

Apple news

According to Macintouch, Apple posted pretty good results, given the state of many businesses today, with increases in units sold and profits over the same quarter a year ago. Not huge ones, and the stock market seemed not too pleased: Apple was down 7% today.

Macintouch also has a review of the new solid-body MacBook and other new products, along with user comments.

FireWire R.I.P.?

Apple’s sexy new solid aluminum laptop lacks support for FireWire, and the web is aghast. (So far as I know, the iMac still has FireWire built in, and so does the Mac Pro tower system; if not, it is easy enough to add a card to the Pro.) Not everyone uses FireWire (or uses it regularly, anyway) — many hard drives do better with USB2, especially if they are meant to be bootable. Maybe this doesn’t matter?

The issue seems more important to users of high-end photo and video equipment. Do the rest of us need FW? (I don’t use mine.)

Some think Apple is trying to differentiate product lines, reserving FW for “pro” equipment. Others figure FW is a bust, and Apple plans to eliminate it.

Have Windows users taken to FireWire?

Ugh: glossy display screens

New Mac systems announced last week have glossy screens. I was so put off by the glare when I was shopping last year that I bought one of the previous machines so I could avoid it.

I do not think anyone could evaluate color or image detail on that screen — not that serious users believe in the screen in any event, but matte is easier to use than gloss when it comes to considering color and image, at least IMHO. At least you do not see stuff behind you on the screen; that glossy thing is like a mirror.

There are ways to reduce the gloss: anti-glare multi-coating; or a plastic anti-glare sheet (Photodon is one supplier of those). Seems silly though — I thought making the display glossy requires another step in production; why not leave it off, offer it as an option (at extra cost, even), and please more users?

No more Mac Mini?

When I was shopping last year, I was entranced by the tiny Mac Mini, but learning that it offered only slow, low-end video chilled my ardor. Today rumor site Gizmodo reports that it may be on the way out altogether. This is only a rumor, but it is based on reports from “two major retailers in Europe [who] have confirmed to [the Gizmodo reporter] that they can’t order any more of the little computers.”

Granted, it has never sold all that well, especially considering that it was a real Mac that cost only $500 or $600. And rumors of its death have been alive on the web for a year or more. But it was a neat idea, and it is sad to think it may be gone.

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