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Originally Posted by Franca View Post
How easy it is to avoid Google depends on how much energy a person wants to put into avoiding it. There may be better alternatives, for instance, to Gmail, Google News, Google Notebooks, and Google Docs (some of the Google items I regularly use) but these all do what I need them to do and are readily accessible to me in one place. (I can't even begin to tell you how handy Google Notebooks have been.) I have other computing tasks requiring my attention and, for me, seeking out replacements for things that aren't "broken" would be a real waste of time.
Well, I don't need to "seek out replacements" because I don't even start using anything Google that I might need to seek out a replacement for! I'll probably move off the few things I'm still using GMail for - and for webmail I've been using Yahoo! for ages: that's where I immediately fled to after trying GMail and not liking it it at all (to put it mildly). And since I found (now also ages ago) that - for my searches - Yahoo! almost invariably comes up with not only more results but more relevant (to me) results than Google I haven't been using Google to search, except occasionally for images (and only if Yahoo! doesn't come up with something I need).

All the other things Google has on offer I don't even start using. I can't imagine why I would use Google Docs when I have OpenOffice.org (sitting right on my USB stick so I can take it anywhere and use it on a Mac or a Windows machine). Google Notebooks? I don't even know what that is so I probably don't need it or I would have come across it. I definitely don't want anything to do with Picasa - I tried it - it only gets in the way, and does not help at all. Google groups? I can use mailing lists or IRC or microblogging or instant messaging for all sorts of conversations, so I only come there (very occasionally) to read someone else's group. To cooperate on documents I can use a wiki. To share my software I can use SourceForge, or a number of other OSS sites, or simply one of my own sites - no need for any Google offering. For reading feeds I can use my desktop application, or Bloglines (or any number of other services) online. For Jabber (and IM) I use Psi - again on my USB stick, ready to use on Win and Mac - no need for GoogleTalk.

What else?

You see: "avoiding" is not the same thing as "seeking replacements for". I just don't start. I really don't want Google to store huge amounts of data about my activities, so I literally avoid it, with very few exceptions. That data hoarding (without European privacy rules applying) means for me that Google is seriously broken.

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