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Originally Posted by Ranee View Post
We are looking at changing the design of our two small weekly newspapers when we go to color in November. Elyse suggested I ask what people are doing and what looks good. We are on a small budget so something not too expensive. We have looked at Utopia and Universe. What do you think about those? or Do you have other suggestions?
I love Utopia. I used it for more than a dozen years for a newsprint magazine, and it was very flexible, readable (even on the various grades of newsprint that happened our way), and easy to set without a lot of fuss. It survived a couple of redesigns, but always won the readability test so we kept using it. We used it 9-on-12 points in 14-pica columns (a bit wider than most newspapers). You would need to test it.

Other narrow-setting, readable serif fonts for newspapers include Miller Text (by Matthew Carter); Stone Print (Sumner Stone); Swift (Gerard Unger); and Charter (Matthew Carter). There are many others, but I can swear by these, especially for setting on newsprint while getting decent word counts by line. There is also a newspaper version of Miller, but I have never used it. Might be worth looking into.

If you are thinking of Univers (or any sans-serif face), I would recommend against it. American readers dislike reading a lot of text in a sans, for one thing. It can be hard to read unless it is a bit too large. You can use a smaller size in serif type, and thus get more words per page.

And many ads are set in sans faces, so using a sans for your text adds confusion for the reader about what is edit, what advertising.

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