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Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
The only useful sample a printer could provide is your file output at the printer’s normal resolution actually printed on a press. For a regular customer who brings in large jobs, this is not unheard-of. For a casual customer with a little job, not so likely.
Hmm-- are you talking New York?? Cause New York has its own rules and its own ways. I always change my attitude for New York, but then, I come out alright. For instance, a New York lawyer will never return a phone call, will never provide an update... but that doesn't mean he/she died. It's just New York. If the lawyer is chosen carefully, when the case is over, he/she will call and let you know the good results. I never once complained, but I just accepted New York as New York. (That's why the city has its own song with Frankie -- dut,dut...do,dut,dut..start spreading the word).

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
As for leading, it should be proportional to the type size and design and to the measure (line-width). Too much leading can be as irritating as too little.
Ok, but what is the rule on proportion between font size and line spacing? What is it based on and does that include something about speed and ease of reading?? The book I referenced is Viking/ Penquin. Oh, yuk, Penquin, usually a tough read but good stuff. (I want to think out this line spacing stuff more).

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
But authors rarely have control over such things; the publisher and the art director or designer determine leading and other details. If they are competent, the author is lucky. If not, then …
Yeah, why use a publisher if there is a real option to self-publish?? And the deadlines...ruins the art of it and true quality.

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