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Howard Allen
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Originally Posted by FlipSide View Post
the new text frame works fine, but the "old" one is still with the same weird problem. argh!!

anyway, I had to create 120 new text frames any copy/paste the existing text and it worked fine. go figure. I was hoping it was a silly setting somewhere that was stopping it but no such luck.
Sounds like a corrupt file. It happens, occasionally. If it becomes a recurring problem, you might try and reset the application preferences, however that's done in Windows. In OSX it's done by restarting the application while holding down a key combination.

while we're on the subject, i have the preferences > when pasting text.... > text only radio button selected. how do you guys clear any formating (if needed) from text before u paste it into ID?
Depends where/what I'm pasting it from. Typically, I don't paste text into InDesign, except from another InDesign document. Rather, I use the Place command, making sure the "Show Import Options" box is checked, and "Remove styles and formatting from text and tables" button is selected. This will clear all formatting from the placed text.

The main benefit of placing un-styled/formatted text is just to keep other people's Word style sheets from being dumped in among my ID style sheets, which I really hate(!). Otherwise, it's simple enough to place the formatted text, then select and restyle it with my own style sheets, or just select the formatted text and apply the "Basic Paragraph" style (holding down shift-alt--for you Windows folk--or shift-option on Mac, to remove any overrides) if for whatever reason you want the text unformatted in ID.



OSX 10.10.5
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