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Sorry, I had no warning on the external drives. Well, maybe I should have noticed the extreme heat... The HDD's were fine, so there was no mechanical noise or funny behavior that is typical with the onset of HDD failures. The good news, of course, was that it was easy to put the drives in another enclosure and all was well. One really hates to lose the backup data! One failure was a TV DVR eSATA drive, for which there is no backup of stored recordings.

I built my first PC with SATA last fall. eSATA is simply incredible compared with USB2. If speed matters [sometimes, USB2 is fast enough for backups], I think I'd install a SATA controller (if possible) just to get eSATA.

You can buy the Apricorn cases empty or filled. I got the first one as a DVR Expander (all pre-formatted and ready to plug into Scientific Atlanta HD cable box) and was so impressed I got a second one and then several more for my PCs.

I've been reasonably well, considering my advancing age <g>. The Detroit area is in really bad shape and won't be getting better for many years. It's not very comforting in retirement to realize that you couldn't sell your house if you decided to move south or to downsize or, god forbid, into a senior facility.

Mapmaking moved south of the border a decade ago. My son found work (and a wife) at an encyclopedia company in downtown Chicago but left to use his GIS-demographic profiling experience with a suburban marketing firm. He got laid off a couple years ago and went back to retail, managing a drug store. After some drawn-out foot surgery he is now a manager at an office supply store. In all, quite typical for young folks today and very unlike those of us who hired on at a major industrial company for a lifetime. But that's another sad story.


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