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Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
Instead of Parallels my Mac guru prefers VMWare — I do not remember all his arguments, but you might at least want to look into it.
I did, actually - but the basic mode of operation of Parallels is quite different from that of VMware: Parallels concentrates on seamless integration, while VMware concentrates on clean isolation, and although each can do some of the other, they are not exactly equivalent. For instance: with Parallels I can double-click on a file somewhere on my local computer or on the network, and have it open in a Windows program, opened in its own window on the Mac desktop (with corresponding icon in the Dock); and then I can drag and drop things from that program back to Finder or another Mac program. That suits my way of working and thinking thoroughly; apart from that, tests have shown that Parallels is the most efficient way to run Windows on a Mac (even more so than with BootCamp). So although I downloaded a trial of VMware, I did not even try it anymore.

Finder replacements: I have read another rant on this topic, from Sven On Tech. And a calmer discussion on Squidoo.

And here’s an article that seems zany to me but might be right up your alley: “Replace the Finder with any application!” on MacOS Hints.
Off reading...

OK, I see mention of Path Finder and XFile; looking through the respective sites, I already like XFile for instance:
* Nothing is hidden - absolutely nothing
* Drill down into bundles effortlessly
Which addresses two of my major problems with Finder (and there's much more). It's the philosophy: OS X is Unix-based, and XFile is a Unix file manager. Read this mind-boggling story which illustrates that eminently.

Here are some replacements I have heard of:

Path Finder
Disk Order
Off to look at the others as well...
  • Liquifile: all interface, no file management - can it even show hidden files or permissions? They don't say so I guess that means not...
  • Disk Order: sounds interesting, especially with built-in FTP (maybe, if it does SFTP) and browsing into archives. English with a "East-European accent" - sure enough there's a .ru email address at the bottom of window. And they're upfront about the duration of the trial period (something that seems to be an exception in Mac-land) But no tree view?
  • ForkLift: (S)FTP and other remote file access and archive support is interesting (like Disk Order), dual pane can be helpful (idem), remote edit useful. But I see no tree view of the file system?
That's just a quickie impression looking at their sites and screenshots, but Liquifile is definitely not worth a look, and both Disk Order and Forklift look like Finder with a new UI painted on top of it and some extras, not a fundamentally different approach to file management.

One thing that seems to be missing everywhere (or well hidden and not shown in screenshots) is a location field (complete path for currently-viewed directory) for easy editing and copy & paste. We'll see...

I'll take a real look at XFile first.

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