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Default How should I create "Click Here"

I am looking for the easiest/cleanest way to implement a "Click here to enlarge image" pop up or tool tip. Not all users notice the change from pointer to hand, nor the color change. If it matters, I am working with Dreamweaver 8.
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In GoLive when I make an image a link, I can specify a title and when I hover the mouse over an image, whatever text I've entered in that title field is displayed. If you can do that in Dreamweaver, you could put "click her to enlarge image" as the text in the title area.

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Have a look at how Wikipedia does it: not only does the image itself directly link to the larger-size image (with just a descriptive title), but the caption has an "enlarge" icon that does the same, with an "Enlarge" title attribute.

Don't use "click here" - just put in the title attribute what the user can expect when they follow that link.

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Thanks. Somehow I did not know about the title attribute. DW does not include that in the directly editable attributes. .. which is why always work with the html open. I am happy to edit that directly. wysiwyg only goes so far.
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